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The Mission

Truth, understanding, and knowledge…This is a huge part of TRUEMSG. We give you exactly what is needed for you to feel more comfortable with who you are. We are a guiding path on how to understand what it is you feel or have felt. If you see it and it speaks to you and your past or current self. Perfect! If you want to express an emotion, do it! If you want to encourage change, do it! If something speaks to you wear it! Our mission is to provide comfortable clothing to wear in almost any occasion while helping you let others know who you are or how you feel. Helping others to feel more positive or have more of an understanding with the vision and i.e. you. This is TRUEMSG.


We support future you, past you, and most importantly present you. Present you is the greatest gift to yourself and anyone you may encounter during that time. We make comfortable, fashionable, and expressive clothing with much much more on the way to better tell the story of who you are or how you feel inside. We have purpose and so do you! You are an amazing human no matter how low you feel or what you’ve done. We see you and are fighting for you to love who you will be, love who you were, and again the most important you which is who you are. Choose you, chose the truth, choose TRUEMSG and keep it pushing. 

Meet the Founder

The person who thought to create TRUEMSG sought it to be their purpose. It’s what they call “their business for the people” and tends to say that often. Joshua Mingo is an individual who was born with vitiligo and learned/learning to embrace it. For those of you who don’t know what vitiligo is, it’s lack of communication in the body that causes a loss of pigmentation within the body.Joshuahas faced many adversities with all odds against him. He’s been on the edge of homelessness, heart broken, the bad side of an unholy moral compass, and has almost lost his life by his own hands as well as others. Though all this he has learned and wants to give what he’s learned through clothing and podcasts.Joshuaknows we are all Divine beings given a chance to live a human experience. They hope to help be a spark of light for God, spreading positivity while clearing a bit of curiosity with the knowledge he’s been given from his trials thus far. As he keeps learning he will keep giving to the community. Expanding a purpose of a better future for the people he reaches and those who can see a better “them”. Whoever that may be.